Scrolls (2018)

Bombshellter Team — Scrolls (2018, Relativism)
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“I thought I was going to die, but it turned out to be this,” something like this was written by the scriptwriter Mark Scissor about the game.

The view from the train I take every day

He has something to remember. Two months ago, the guys from the Bombshellter Team submitted an application for participation in Dvach: / ruvn / Contest 2018. Then they did not even suspect what they would have to go through.

“In general, it’s very difficult to write such texts,” Mark says. “More precisely, it’s easy when everything works out, but the rest of the time you are … Looking for something to support you … It’s probably faith.”

The story of Semyon Sarayev — an ordinary hard worker who spends a lot of time every day on suburban trains — is told in the genre of «visual novel» — a mixture of books and video games, popular among the youth of all ages.

“We wanted to see what we are capable of. We wanted to see if we could manage. So the main thing for us was not participation, the main thing was that we reached the end. We did everything possible and we succeeded. But money is not important, not bread, as they say, one. «

On September 2, the deadline for the preparation of works for the participants of the Dvach contest: / ruvn / Contest 2018 has come to an end, which means that now you have the opportunity to evaluate their results!

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